The nine points needed to be understood to make the American Left a competitive party again.



Kyle Kulinski’s Justice Democrats announcement video


Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk has launched a new political movement called the Justice Democrats, which receives strong support from The Young Turks. The main goal of this movement is to conquer the Democratic Party by electing candidates who will not take corporate money and pursue policies that benefit the public. I’ll leave a link in the description to his launch video, in which he explains the policies this movement in detail. I broadly agree with all of these, and I particularly appreciated the rejection of false accusations of bigotry by recognising them as distinct from actual bigotry.

I think we should support this movement. Removing corporate influence from politics is an objectively beneficial result for the working and middle classes, who will be better able to exercise a voice in politics. This could provide a left-wing home for the Obama-Trump voters, who were voting for their economic futures over high-minded ideological concerns. Having politicians funded by the electorate with an explicit ban on outside funding would be eminently beneficial for voters and keep the minds of the politicians firmly focused on their needs first.

None of the problems we have today would be magnified to the point they are now at if the political systems of the West were actually sensitive to the concerns of the voters. In general terms, there is a disconnect between the voting public and the political classes, and I think in many ways Trump and Brexit were a form of protest vote against a system that was offering only a slow decline while the political classes enriched themselves. The working classes, Alinsky’s smouldering embers, felt it necessary to make their voices heard, and as Michael Moore predicted it would, it felt good.

Not once in either election cycle did the left offer a positive vision of the future. To people who have experienced years of steady decline, this is an untenable prospect. Better a rocky and uncertain future than a guarantee of worsening prospects. At least in the uncertain future, things might be better. The left categorically refused to listen, and it lost control of the British government and the American government. In 2017 it might well lose the French government, and a remote possibility of the Dutch. In terms of the culture war, this would be a route of such catastrophic proportions that it would have been inconceivable a year ago. The left is still coming to terms with just how little power and control they have left. Things are changing, and the left doesn’t like it. This anger is being manifested in various acts of protest and civil disobedience, to be the point where it is being termed a revolution.

These are petty acts.

The left lost fair and square, because they didn’t respond to the concerns of people of whom they were completely out of touch. Moral grandstanding replaced the action of addressing the issues and became the left’s entire debate strategy. You might win an argument by screaming “racist” at someone, but you are not persuading anyone of the rightness of your argument. Worse, you actively repel people because attacking someone’s character, even when it’s justified, does not refute their points. It is a form of social control but it is not a form of changing people’s minds. The only persuasion that took place was to firmly implant in the minds of observers that the people doing the screaming are totally intolerant of another person. Worse still, though, is that this will often be on the grounds of their race and gender. You can have any kind of justification you like as to why a particular race or gender are an issue for you, but people who haven’t drunk your kool-aid see only an open display of bigotry. The kind of rampant and consistent disrespect displayed by the left towards Trump and his supporters is way beyond the bounds of decency, especially as people who are even slightly to the right of Stalin are realising that he is going to implement his nationalist agenda, and quote “put America first”. This isn’t a bad result for most people, so Trump looks all that much better by comparison to the shrieking leftists who look like hysterical children.

At time of writing Trump has signed 10 executive orders. Some of these have been really good ideas. A regulation freeze, a federal hiring freeze and expediting permits for infrastructure are all decent, sensible bits of administration. Allowing the Dakota and Keystone pipelines to go ahead with the demand of hiring American workers only is contentious but still in keeping with Trump’s other decisions. I think most importantly, Trump killed the TPP. This is monumental. When the full text of the TPP was released I spent hours putting it through a text-to-speech reader and uploading it because I thought it was going to be that important. It seems to be a new Treaty of Westphalia for the 21st century, I think this and the TTIP were going to set the world order for hundreds of years to come in much the same way. When I uploaded the hours of video, I did so because I honestly thought the forces behind this were probably unstoppable but I had to do something. I assumed their momentum and power would not be broken because of the vast resources behind the people involved. I was wrong. This is a major accomplishment and has probably changed world history for the better.

These are definitive wins for Trump.

Instead of coverage of this moment, the press is nothing but wall-to-wall with apoplectic, autistic screeching about Trump’s quote “assault on abortion rights”. I presumed this meant directly attacking Roe vs Wade, but no, this does not include this.

Quote: “What’s called the Mexico City policy, first implemented in 1984 under Republican President Ronald Reagan, prevents foreign non-governmental organisations that receive any US cash from “providing counselling or referrals for abortion or advocating for access to abortion services in their country”. What is being described as an attack on abortion rights isn’t even happening inside the United States. Moreover, this is a ritual that has been performed every time the presidency switches sides. Every republican since Reagan has reinstated it, and every democrat has rescinded it. The hysterical over-reaction to this by professional far-left activists, who apparently have the power to lead the media by the nose on this issue, is absurd. It makes the left look demented. This is the reaction of a group of people who have lost all sense of perspective.

Instead of talking about non-issues like this or crowd sizes or whining about things that have yet to come to pass, why not talk about what is actually happening? The left is on a perpetual campaign of slander, and the constant negativity is making you hated. Spicer’s Q&A was eye-opening, he was basically saying “every administration has its narrative, so you must allow us ours” and the left cannot stand it. They act as if they aren’t famous liars, and are instead well-known for their truth-telling. You are now discovering what it feels like to be us. Constantly lied to by the people above you. Welcome to the real world, Neo. The powers that be have a propensity to tell half-truths when they are not outright lying.

Put bluntly: you have no moral authority over Donald Trump. He won by doing what you do. He was simply able to bypass you via social media and the colossal attendance of his rallies.

Kyle’s Justice Democrats platform is a direct attempt to remove a major hurdle from politics in his country, and currently has 17,000 people signed up to it. This is a good start for the first day. I know there will be plenty of people who don’t like The Young Turks, but it probably isn’t because TYT want to get money out of politics. It’s a worthy cause and well-worth supporting, even if it is not perfect. There will undoubtedly be many flaws with the Justice Democrats but that’s why it’s important for people who actually care to get off their rear ends and do something. It will get messy, you won’t get everything you want, but you might get some of what you want.

This can definitely happen, as well. Jeremy Corbyn has shown that a large, committed social movement can elect the leader of its choice to a major left-wing party. Be warned, though, that a bunker mentality can form, making people more radical in pursuit of a more perfect expression of their principles. This is the kiss of death for a left-wing movement and must be avoided at all costs.

Even Obama described Corbyn’s labour party as “out of touch with reality”, and the British public knows it, which is why Corbyn is only slightly more popular than Tony Blair. This is a warning of a path the democrats could choose to go down unless the moderate, sensible, level-headed people take control. Political realists must drive the new movement, not frothing-at-the-mouth intersectional ideologues.

For any new left-wing social movement to succeed, the following key points need to be accepted as fact:

1. Trump is the president
2. The United States is not Nazi Germany
3. Donald Trump is not Hitler
4. White supremacist countries do not elect black presidents
5. Hillary lost because she was corrupt
6. Corporate influence in politics has overruled the will of the people
7. Your fellow citizens need your help, even if you have some problem with their race
8. Political violence is utterly unacceptable
9. Supporting political violence is a shameful sign of one’s personal failure

I appreciate this will be difficult for someone who honestly believe the opposite of each statement. Once you have adjusted to your new reality, you do not need to apologise, but you do need to start addressing the issues themselves instead of the identity of the people experiencing those issues. You will have to discuss these ideas with people you might otherwise block out of principle, and you’ll have to do it without resorting to calling anyone names. Basically, it’s time for the left to grow up.


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