Republics follow a set pattern laid out due to the events that occur to them and the interests this generates.

Further reading:

Rubicon, by Tom Holland
Dan Carlin’s Death Throe’s of the Republic
The History of Rome




Revolt against a foreign king


Tarquin, Etruscan king of Rome

George III


Establish a republic


War against the neighbours


The capital is sacked


Recovery and conquest of the continent


Rome in 250 BC


Foreign wars–prelude-to.html–the-syrain.html




Internal problems (1:55, 7:30) – The success of the state is not being fairly distributed across each group–taking-stoc.html


Tiberius Graccus (6:00, 12:45)–tiberius-gr.html


Gaius Graccus (12:00)–gaius-gracc.html

Sound familiar? 2:30

The US is an Oligarchy