Europe is not in good shape.



Emperor Merkel


Liberalise visas even after the Coup in Turkey


President of the European Council petitions China to take them


Learn to live with terrorism


The German President on who the problem is back in June


Terrorism against Jews


Terrorism against Sikhs


Burkini Ban


Doing real harm, sowing division between nations


Even Merkel is deporting them


Marine Le Pen popularity back in June


Gert Wilders’ popularity now


Golden Dawn celebrate the battle of Thermopylae


Golden Dawn rising


Tspiras falling


Left Wing violence in Greece


Golden Dawn probably not angels…


Corbyn’s friends control the thugs


Corbyn talking about total horseshit


Revolution brewing


God fucking Bless Teresa May

No negotiation. They’re doing it

No to staying via the back door

Petty accusations

Owen “I’ll block the Brexit” Smith


Manufacturers expecting a boost, others not


No recession


Tourist spending up


An example–boost-to-post-brexit-economy/


Tough times ahead


Remain look fucking stupid


Upper class


Remain are so sad