The British Twitter Stasi has arrived.




October 2015, Jess pissed off MRAs


December 2015


January 2016


Jess launches reclaim 26 May 2016

“Misogynist” tweets half-women, half-men


Reclaim the Internet


I, commenting on this orwellian scheme, tweeted this


In May, things got funny


June 16, Jo Cox murder by mentally ill man


June 27, she resigns from position of Parliamentary Private Secretary and stabs him in the front


24 June – Lauren Southern attacked by Antifa


22 July, 45 female MPs write to Corbyn about supporter abuse


22 July – Threats are from MI5, according to this guy


29 July, she starts getting death threats, things start getting serious


9 August – Trotskyist Entryism


16 August – Jess demands Corbyn name and shame “trolls”


16 August – Jess builds a panic room


Whinging feminist


Labour – what is this all about?

He is a Marxist, even if he doesn’t want to admit it


Corbyn is not a trotskyist


But facilitates them and enjoys their support

Drifted away from the working class


The young people joining don’t know anything about this


And prominent left-wingers are noticing the transition away from class politics to identity politics


Bizarre views – Antisemitism


Diplomacy with ISIS


Ending NATO


Secretly pro-Brexit


Corbyn the Perfecti


British Thought Police



This is what you’re going to get


“Anti-Islamic” Twitter usage