The Moral Rubicon is the point at which someone has acted in such an extreme and negative way that they cannot bring themselves to apologise.

Gazi Kodzo, the Uhuru Movement member known colloquially as Black Hitler, is an example of this.





He’s not gay, he just seems it


Not A Feminist


Halloween costumes


He’s Antisemitic


Black Jews


He supports black lives matter


He doesn’t understand history


Blacks killing blacks is white people’s fault


He loves hating white people


All white people are racist


Racial purist and The product of rich parents (2:00) (3:00)


Life of privilege


Black Hitler will teach you about your original sin


Uhuru, comrade!


Uhuru initiation 2:25


International black communism




Support revolutionary protesting


He was “bourgeoisie” speech.


Revolution is coming


Commander Gazi


How black hitler got woke