A recent round of Wikileaks data dumps has revealed what many are regarding to be rather troubling realities to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. The Democratic Presidential candidate is no stranger to taking heat over her time as head of the State Department. In relation to both the Benghazi attacks of 2012 which left four Americans dead, as well as the controversy regarding her use of a personal email server for official State Dept. business, attacks primarily from Republicans have been nearly ceaseless. However as she continues moving closer to securing the Democratic nomination, further revelations in respect to her activities as Secretary of State contained within the massive dump of over 30,000 emails of correspondences between Clinton and numerous government and intelligence sources paint a rather striking picture as to how the Mrs. Clinton handled many a delicate and sometimes explosive international affair.

In your authors own (thus far) brief research into the now publicly available email dump, one of the first and most striking revelations examines Clinton’s attitude towards Libya in the midst of the 2011 ‘Arab Spring.’ Centered on the efforts of one of Moammar Qaddafi’s sons, Saif al-Islam had planned to introduce political reforms to the country by turning it into a constitutional democracy through the use of a transitional government which he, with his father’s blessing, was to head. Though, as the email reveals, many were opposed to a transition lead by a Qaddafi altogether, it was Clinton’s position that continued air strikes against Libya were preferable to supporting the reform efforts Saif had been championing since 2004.

In addition to this and the Benghazi attack, for which Mrs. Clinton was accused of both negligence leading up to the incident as well as dishonesty regarding testimony offered to Congress during an investigation, the leaks published recently also expose a rather cozy relationship between her office and the internet search giant Google. Following the Benghazi attack and the flurries of misinformation that were spread in respect to the cause and timeline of events, video surfaced of the attack itself which Clinton and members of her staff have been found to have colluded with the CEOs of Google and Youtube to keep suppressed. This while Clinton found herself under heavy scrutiny regarding her response to the attack, claiming that a “fog of war” had made it difficult to discern the initial cause.

However the Clinton State Department’s ties with Google do in fact extend beyond the Secretary herself and even show a sort of revolving door through which influence and favors seem to be carried. In his book When Google Met Wikileaks, Julian Assange illuminates yet another key player in the Clinton-Google relationship in the form of Jared Cohen. Cohen who is presently the President of Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas) and a senior fellow at the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR,) previously worked under both Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice while at State. During this time, Cohen’s focus was largely upon the Middle East, counter terrorism and technology.

In September of 2010 however, Cohen both left the State Dept. for his job at Google and took up a position as an adjunct senior fellow at the CFR in the very same week. Prior to his departure though, in 2009 Cohen allegedly emailed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey requesting that scheduled maintenance of the social media platform be delayed so as to assist what the State Dept. had hoped would be an uprising in Iran during the nation’s hotly contested election that year. Though many other influence peddlers and policy hawks have made their way freely between the private tech sector and the Clinton State Department, Cohen is perhaps the most readily obvious example of the company’s close ties to the Clinton political machine and all of its rather shadowy plays as an element of the political elite.

In a 2012 email to Deputy Secretary William Burns, Cohen while at Google, wrote to inform him about a new tool being developed to track defections within Syria for the purposes of encouraging Assad’s opposition forces. Stating that once built, the tool would be delivered for use and ownership to Al-Jazeera so as to publicize tracked defections within Syria itself, Cohen asks Burns to keep the information “very close” and sought his input about such prior to the launch. In this curious entanglement of affairs, not only would it seem that diplomatic and international players move freely between public and private sectors, but also that in doing so they carry many of the duties and agendas they possess along with them.

Reading further however, it is found that Google was not the only close and shadowy relationship which resulted in questionable closed door deals and proposals that Clinton maintained during her time at the State Dept. In the midst of ongoing negotiations to halt the Iranian nuclear program, Clinton suggested in one email that aiding in the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar Assad could provide Israel with a considerable geopolitical boost in relation to securing its nuclear monopoly in the region. Citing that the loss of such a close ally as Iran has in Assad would cause the Iranian ability to attack Israel though its proxies such as Hezbollah to evaporate, Clinton called for the U.S. to take “substantial diplomatic and military leadership” in a Syrian intervention.

Here, just as with Libya, we see within these emails examples of a Hillary Clinton who is perhaps less diplomatic and dedicated to peaceful resolutions to geopolitical affairs, than one who is hawkish, militaristic and interested centrally in the spreading and securing of leveraged influence. As the 2016 election continues rolling onward, questions surrounding the controversy regarding Clinton’s emails as Secretary of State continue growing more pressing every day. As voters head to polls to pick who they believe should be the next commander and chief of the world’s preeminent superpower, the United States, the leading Democratic candidate is increasingly appearing to more resemble the neoconservatives she claims to oppose than the liberals and progressive she claims to represent.

When the relationship between Clinton and other members of the State Department with Google and Twitter are considered, it should come then as little surprise that the other social media giant Facebook, who has recently come under considerable fire for its own censorship of political expression, has also recently joined the fray in the attempted suppression of rather damning information. In a recent Truthdig article, Wikileaks slams Facebook for alleged censorship of their Clinton email archive posts. Trotted out by Facebook as a technical issue, it is widely suspected that in CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s newly found ideological bias that senior staff at Facebook are working to support Clinton’s campaign by way of controlling information and discussion about her.

Though this very article was written with only a tertiary exploration of the thousands of emails now available for public view, the pictures they paint of Hillary Clinton in respect to how she conducts herself in regards to both foreign policy as well as corporate collusion are rather compelling. As questions regarding everything from further potential American intelligence and military interventions in the middle east, as well as concerns over corporate power and individual privacy in our digital age continue to linger in the minds and on the lips of voters throughout the nation, your author openly fears that the full scope of revelations provided here within these email dumps may not be fully realized until it is potentially too late.

Nicholas Goroff is a writer, journalist, actor and Youtube content creator. A former political operative and labor organizer, he holds a degree in Criminal Justice and previously studied Political Science at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. Presently he works as a beer and liquor critic at Everyjoe.com in addition to writing for The Rationalists.org and Occupy.com

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