Richard Dawkins recently tweeted a video hosted on my channel that was critical of radical feminists by satirically comparing them to Islamic supremacists.

In a desperate attempt to prove they were not like that, famous feminists and Atheism+ intellectuals like PZ Meyers and Lindy West proved they were exactly like that.

[Update 29/01/2016: have added far more information and extra videos to this page]

“Feminists Love Islamists”

The controversial video by Sye Ten Atheist that is the origin of this internet drama.


Video #1

This video is short and to the point of the chronology of events.


Video #2

This video is a podcast-style livestream going through several new sources in detail regarding the reactions of Dawkins’ no-platforming.



Dawkins commits a thoughtcrime

PZ Meyers decides to waste everyone’s time by committing words to a blog

Lindy West accuses Dawkins of “endorsing threats”

Who is Lindy West?

Deleted the Tweet



The moderate Patheos-blogger reactions to it

PZ Meyers blog

Rebecca Watson’s blog

Futrelle’s blog

Goldsmiths LGBT is pro-Islamist

Islamists bully ex-Muslim female teacher

Dawah Man, the human caricature, according to Futrelle

Feminism invading Medievalist communities #FemFog

Social Science is largely pseudoscientific bullshit that can’t be replicated