My goodness, this was fun.

“Sargon likes to think of himself as an intellectual, but these tweets show he does very little thinking at all.”

I suppose you can quote me on this, can you?

“Ukraine, Russia, and pre-WWII Germany were not part of Western Civilization.”

Do you honestly think that the planned economies of Germany or the Soviet Union of the 1930s accurately be termed a part of the capitalist Western Civilisation? Why is so much of their propaganda anti-Western and anti-capitalist? Why would the Berlin Wall have existed at all? Why didn’t they have free economies?

“If Germany before WWII wasn’t part of Western Civilization then the following weren’t as well:”

Oh my goodness, you think I think Western Civilisation existed in a vacuum, don’t you? You think that I think Germany was never influenced by the West, or the reverse, that there was no kind of exchange of Western and Eastern ideas and cultural artifacts. I can only assume that’s what you think because otherwise I have no explanation for this kind of moronic statment. It’s so simplistic. Do you even remember that I was writing to 140 characters?

“Not to mention the Anglo-Saxons and therefore the English language and culture. If your remember your 9th grade history, the Anglo-Saxons were Germanic tribes that migrated into England after the fall of the Roman Empire…”

I said before WWII not previously in all of history you hysterical woman. In the 1930s, under Nazi Germany and Communist Russia, you know, two places ideologically opposed to the evils of Western capitalism.

“how can Western Capitalism and Prussian values be considered part of the same civilization. THEY WERE BOTH BASED ON PROTESTANT THOUGHT!”

So?! That doesn’t mean they were compatible ideas! Look at Prussian virtues and compare them to capitalist commercial values, they are incompatible because they were adopted by two very different states with very different worldviews because of their very different geographical positions.

“Sargon is right about the Soviet Union.”

I’m sure this won’t affect your conclusion, of course.

“As for the Balkans, are you shitting me? Everyone with 2 brain cells can understand that Greece was the birth place of Western Civilization”

I’m no expert, but wasn’t Greece essentially fascist in the 1930s? And yes, this is the origin of many Enlightenment ideas, so what? Does that mean that no matter what happens in Greece it remains part of Western Civilisation? No, of course not.

“He [Vlad the Impaler] mistakenly thought the Balkans were part of Western Civilization”

No, he thought they were a part of Christendom and he was also fighting to keep a foreign empire from conquering his domain and murdering him.

“WWII was fought for many reasons but not this.”

Bullshit. It was fundamentally fought for this, everything you will say from here-on out is just a symptom of the cause. Ideology was the problem in every case.

“Communists and their sympathizers fought it to protect Communism since Hitler sought the destruction of the Soviet Union.”

Yeah, but Hitler didn’t desire the destruction of the Soviet Union because they were such good fascists. Hitler fought the Allies because the Allies attacked him, but he fought the Soviets because he wanted to.

“France and the British Empire fought it because they had promised to protect Poland’s sovereignty.”

Yeah, but why? Neither wanted another war with Germany, but they knew that the Nazi system was dangerous because of base ideological differences.

“The United States fought it in the name of democracy only after the attack on Pearl Harbor.”

So, ideological differences.

“This is the kind of comic book history modern Hollywood peddles”

It was a tweet, you idiot. Of course if you assume three tweets are the sum total of a person’s entire position on a subject it will indeed look like comic book history. But let’s go on, O great intellectual.

“The idea that it was fought to fight against “racial collectivism” is laughable.”

Make me laugh, then.

“The United States had segregation of blacks, immigration laws to keep the country white, and put the Japanese in internment camps.”

A. So what, they didn’t join until the war was in full swing as you just pointed out.
B. That doesn’t make them a collectivist country, and as you said, they were fighting for democracy.
C. A country’s downsides do not erase their upsides.

“Britain and France had the two largest empires in world history based on a system of white supremacy.”

National supremacy, you mean. I mean, you do remember how the British treated the Irish and French Canadians, right? You must be an American, given how you gave the US the most importance on this little list and you seem to be spouting racialised rhetoric like this.

“The Soviet Union was founded on Jewish collectivism against the hated goy.”

So. Fucking. What.

The Soviets made the choice not to fight the Nazis because – as you pointed out – internal pressure was much more important, but this was overturned by the Nazi invasion of the USSR.

“Just to list all of Winston Churchill’s white collectivist and supremacist statements would require an entire post.”

So?! Churchill was not Western Civilisation, he wasn’t even Prime Minister when Britain declared war on Germany – Chamberlain was!

Look, I’m happy to agree that saying it was against “racial collectivism” is boiling a lot of different points down to their fundamentals, and perhaps in some cases too far, but to say that we aren’t looking at a clash of individualistic Western civilisation vs collectivism is to be dishonest. There were fundamental ideological differences that ensured the war was going to end in a regime change and the end of an ideology on the part of the loser, no matter who the loser was.

“Sargon’s knowledge of history is down right pathetic. It is right out of a movie.”

Your own doesn’t seem so hot, Kevin Logan. #Shieldmaidens

“The whole reason for Retard of Akkad’s inane tweets this weekend. His view of what constitutes a civilization is based on nebulous values. Not blood. Not religion. Not history. Not heritage. Not even culture. But values.”

Yes. This is why you said I was correct that the Soviet Union isn’t Western Civilisation. This is why Lensch makes a point of saying how liberal values were driven out of Nazi Germany. Western civilisation is about values, not about geography. History, heritage, religion and culture all SET THE VALUES of a civilisation. Why would you even bring them up if you are going to argue the point that it is not the values that make Western civilisation?

Once you strip out the source of values, all you are left with is blood.

“Anybody who knows Sargon knows he considers himself a Liberal. So obviously it’s the Liberal values of individualism, human rights, equality, secularism, and empiricism he loves. “

Oh shoot me, then comrade! Yes, things that come from the Enlightenment, you know, which is why you were listing so many interesting figures who influenced Western thought. They donated the intellectual material to come to this set of values.

“This is the kind of thinking that is destroying the West.”

Oh God, I can tell this is going to get bat-shit insane.

“Who cares if America’s Founding Stock is being replaced by Hispanics from Latin America, they vote in elections and shop!”

America can do what it likes. White people should probably have kids, if you’re so worried about demographic changes.

“Who cares if millions of Muslims are flooding into Europe, as long as they learn to be respect women and gays they’re just as European as Charlemagne!”

I don’t recall saying this, but since I’m the partial descendant of non-Europeans and I am so fervently advocating for Western Civilisation and you are advocating against it, I’m going to guess it isn’t actually based on blood.

“Sargon’s view of Western Civilization is no different from the Cultural Marxist he claims to be against.”

I love where you’re going with this.

“Even older Liberals such as H.G. Wells, Jack London, Joseph Chamberlain, Samuel Gompers, and Woodrow Wilson had a healthier understanding of Western Civilization as the unique cultural expression of a distinct people.”

Which is why you’re arguing against it, because it’s genetic, it’s in the blood. I guess your dad isn’t who you think he is.

“Sargon of Akkad is not a Liberal. He is a Cultural Marxist.”

>Sargon argues for liberal principles
>I don’t like liberal principles, they are destroying the West
>Sargon is a Cultural Marxist

You are literally this stupid. I’m not even kidding, I am dumbfounded that you are so obsessed with race that you can’t even see that you’re advocating against the liberal principles I am recommending on the basis that you think the white race is being replaced because of liberal principles with people who cannot uphold liberal principles, and so the answer is to end liberalism, and that’s me being a cultural Marxist.

” The blood of those great white men of the past flows through my veins. The blood of the great Liberals of the past doesn’t flow through his. My pride is the pride of a descendant. His pride is the pride of a snob.”

Oh shut up, for Christ’s sake. The blood of an idiot runs through your veins. I’m not taking any pride in anything other than knowing right from wrong and having the fortitude to attempt to stand for those principles, even in the face of such overwhelming idiocy.

“All these tweets show Sargon’s Liberalism makes him retarded. He is historically illiterate. He is an intellectual fraud whose stupidity shouldn’t be taken seriously. Anyone who does is even stupider.”

None of this is projection. It’s not that your racial supremacism makes you retarded. It’s not that you’re historically illiterate and reading way too much into a few tweets. It’s not that you’re an intellectual fraud who is actively arguing against his own position and then blaming it on me. It’s not you that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

It’s all me.