Last week Bill Cosby filed a countersuit against seven of his accusers for defamation. The reaction from the progressive media was soon to follow.

Rebecca Carroll, a columnist in “The Guardian” wrote the following:

“His legal action is an act of misogyny – perhaps the same hatred that might have driven him, as accusers allege, to rape and sexually assault more than 50 of them”

According to Rebecca, the mere fact Cosby sued for defamation, after suffering great damage, exercising a very basic human right to defend himself, is a display of hatred of women that might explain why he ‘allegedly’ raped them, and in her mind, there’s no question he did.

In fact it is very visible as her article is rife with accusations quote:

“There is something so brutally primal, so exquisitely perverted, about someone using all they have to take everything you are without consent.”

“More than blurring their ability to consent, rendering them unintelligible would also blur their humanity.”

“Cosby’s conduct throughout has reflected this disregard for women as people, and his own sense of inviolability.”

“Cosby’s misogyny is extreme, but he isn’t operating in a societal vacuum.” – followed by an example of a true rape case, blatantly suggesting he is a rapist himself.

“Wept, I’d argue, for his guilt, for his delusional sense of significance and for the freedom of the women that he violated.”  – A direct accusation of rape.

“to turn the tables against women who have stood by their unwavering truths”  – meaning he’s evidently guilty.

And the final quote:

“Because, evidently, it’s not rape until a man says it is, but that’s another opinion for another time.”

How extremely ironic, as the entire theme in her article, parroted by so many feminists and progressives, is “it’s not rape until a woman says it is, and once she says that, we listen, believe and find the accused: guilty by default! If he attempts to defend himself in a court of law, he’s adding insult to injury. A clear example of waging war on women, as a woman hater”.

There are no words to express how disgusting, abhorrent and reprehensible Rebecca Carroll is.

Even if Cosby is guilty on all accounts, the historical anger Rebecca and her likings experience turned them blind with hatred, specifically hatred of men, filled them with contempt, drove them absolutely insane, to the point that they will gladly and openly forfeit one of the most important tenants of a civilized society, one of the most fundamental aspects of democracy, the most basic human right. Innocent until proven guilty.

Having it her way, people like Bill Cosby would promptly be hanged in the town square for all to see, alongside the decaying bodies of the young boys of the Duke Lacrosse team and the fraternity members from UVA.

Statistics show that 8% of rape accusations are found to be false, and that’s the ones we know about, this number is actually higher.

Meaning that by Rebecca’s warped sense of justice, at least 1 out of 12 men accused, would be falsely convicted. That’s the lowest estimate.

Imagine a world where this is the norm. Imagine a world where a woman can accuse and therefore convict a man of rape without due process, and with impunity, as to people like Rebecca who are already practicing this method, it is how the system must work.

Do you think false rape would remain 1 out of 12? Or would it sky rocket?

Apparently, a non-issue for fascists and this is actually what Rebecca is… a fascist.

This is not about Bill Cosby or what he did or did not do. This is about how low feminists will stoop to, not only individuals, but also organizations that propagate this fascist mindset, which the Guardian is so proud to publish.

People like Rebecca Carroll must be pointed out, exposed for all to see, for their blind hatred, their abominable ideas and their tainted souls.

Original piece from The Guardian

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